Superheroes Wanted – a birthday party planning guide

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The Superheroes Wanted!  is a great children’s party for children aged 5 to 8. The Superheroes can no longer handle the fight against the villains on their own and they need your help.

The Superheroes Wanted! consists of two parts. During this party, you first show how good your superpowers are. So show how agile, flexible, smart, and strong you are, and whether you can look through walls.

Once all 5 tasks have been successfully completed, you will set to work to defeat the super villains. These are also 5 tasks. You will avoid Kryptonite, fight villains, collect materials, prevent a diamond robbery, and make sure all the bad guys are caught.

If all 10 missions have been successful, you may call yourself a real superhero. You will then also receive a diploma that you can be proud of.

How fun! With this script, you work towards a great children’s party. Step by step, you are guided through the program and you make sure your party becomes a real blast. Think of tips for food, a timeline for the party, the groceries you need, and a clear explanation of the activities. It is a print & play script. You download the script, print it out, and you can start your children’s party.


Superhero Theme Party

Always wanted to be a superhero? You can at this children’s party. Enjoy an unforgettable morning or afternoon as a superhero and defeat the villains. Together with your friends, you will train your superpowers and then use them to defeat the villains.

This print & play guide will help you organize a great children’s party for children aged 5 to 8. You will be taken step by step to prepare and carry out this party. You will get a sample program, elaborately designed activities, lists of things you need, tips for food and snacks, a beautiful diploma, sample invitations, and much more.

What age is this superhero party suitable for? This children’s party is suitable for children aged 5 to 8 years old. If your son or daughter is crazy about Superman, Batman, or maybe Wonder Woman, then this is the party you should organize.

What do you get and what do you need to arrange yourself?

You will receive a ready-made guide in your inbox. This script is available as soon as you have purchased it in the online store. What is included in this script:

  • A guide of over 40 pages with which you can organize the party from A to Z
  • A diploma that you can hand over to all the superheroes at the end of the party
  • Two sample programs with time schedules for the party
  • Tips for lunch, snacks and refreshments with printable super power badges
  • 10 activities with detailed guidance on how to run them.
  • 2 extra activities if you are looking for some extra variety
  • Ready-made invitations to invite children to your party
  • Fun cut-out masks that children can color in

What do you need to arrange yourself?

You need a few things for the games that you probably have lying around in the shed. Think of a frisbee, empty plastic bottles, rope. You also need to eat 10 empty cans of beans, because you need cans for the can throwing.

What activities will we carry out at the party?

  • As strong as the Hulk – you will be can throwing
  • As flexible as Spiderman – maneuvering through a laser course
  • As agile as Captain America – hitting a target with a frisbee
  • X-ray eyes like Superman – touch game
  • As smart as Batman – finding matching cards
  • The big diamond robbery – pawn robbery
  • Don’t touch the Kryptonite – relay race
  • What do we need for the battle – memory
  • We dismantle the bomb – balloon bursting
  • We will defeat the villains one by one – musical chairs


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