Professor Boom’s Amazing Science Party

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Professor Boom’s Amazing Science Party Planning Guide helps you to prepare for and run an amazing Science Party. This guide is for hosting a birthday party for children in the age group 7 to 9. During this science party the kids will have to help Professor Boom and complete 5 science experiments. Completing all experiments successfully means the children will be awarded with the Junior Scientist Diploma.

How much fun! Using this manual you will be 100% ready to deliver an amazing science party at your own place. You don’t need to go anywhere and don’t need to rent an expensive service provider to deliver a great party – everything happens under your own control.  The guide will help you prepare for the party and run the event in an organized manner. Step-by-step instructions for running science experiments, shopping lists, tips for food, and detailed instructions for running games in between the experiments is what you get when buying this manual. Simply print-out the manual, take the shopping list to buy your science ingredients and deliver a great party!


Science Party  Planning Guide- deliver a great Birthday Party at your own place!

Professor Boom is waiting for the kids to arrive at your son / daughters birthday party. The Professor bumped his head into something and now his memory is failing him.  He is acting a bit weird, and has difficulty remembering things. This is a total disaster, as he has to complete his annual Scientist Certification Exam by the end of the week. The Professor needs help! This is where you come in kids, you have to help the Professor prepare for his exam.  Can you help him out?

There are 5 Experiments that need to be completed. If you succeed in completing these experiments, you are not only helping the Professor, you will also receive the Junior Scientist Diploma! How cool.

This Birthday Party Manual ‘Professor Boom’s Amazing Science Party’ helps you to run a memorable birthday party. The guide will give you direction, guidance and a framework for running your own party. There is enough flexibility to add your own secret sauce to the party, but the bases are covered. This will give you enough peace of mind that you can walk into this party without any stress.  Next to this manual there is some shopping that you will need to do. Simple things like balloons, baking soda, vinegar, etc. Things you can buy pretty much in any grocery store or online. Make the party complete by ordering safety glasses and disposable labcoats for the attendees.

How does a Papa Bear Adventure Work?

  • At order confirmation you will receive a number of documents. These include:
  • Manual: step by step guidance for organizing a great party. Instructions on how to run experiments, activities you can run in between experiments, printable flags for decoration, tips for meals, and a shopping list.
  • Worksheets: a worksheet is available for every experiment providing step-by-step instructions to the children on how they can run their own experiments.
  • Invitation: A nice example for an invite that your son/daughter can hand out at school. You only need to fill in the time/date/location and name.
  • Diploma: A ‘Junior Scientist’ Diploma – to be awarded to all attendees once the experiments are completed succesfully.  🙂

What do you need in order to make this party a success?

  • The experiments are not too difficult for children in the age group 7-9. Are the children 7ish, it will mean you have to provide a bit more guidance. Are they 9ish, let them run the experiments themselves.
  • There is a bit of preparation involved. For example one of the experiments is called ‘secret message’, and this experiment requires you to write a text with lemon juice on a piece of paper the night or morning before the event. By keeping the text above a small flame it will become visible.
  • A number of experiments cannot be run inside and are best done outside. Make sure you have a place to go outside to run these experiments. Things may start exploding, foaming, etc.

Age group

This party is great for kids between 7 and 9 years old.

What experiments are we conducting?

Obviously we are not going to tell you everything yet … but to give you an idea of what is happening some cryptic hints….

  • Making invisible things visible again
  • Magical colors
  • Testing Gravity
  • Making Foam
  • Experiments without hands
  • Building high towers

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