Mission: Save Xmas

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Santa is missing… Your help is needed to save Christmas!

Santa is missing and it’s almost Christmas. If we cannot find Santa back in time before Christmas starts, we’ll have to cancel Christmas… This is a DIY escapegame for the holiday season. A print&play escapegame for at home to play with family and friends from age group 8 and up.

What happened?? Inflation caused everything to become more expensive on the North Pole. The Elves can barely pay for their groceries anymore. Climate change also has a major impact on the Elves. Where the North Pole first was a nice and cold place, nowadays the Elves have to deal with warm weather and a shrinking North Pole.

A Cranky Elf decided that now is the time for action… He kidnapped Santa. The Cranky Elf is going to challenge us – pay up and get Santa back for only 2 million bitcoins, or try to find Santa within the hour. If we go and try to find him and we fail, we have to pay double…..  The Elf left us a number of clues… can we find Santa?

So – what are you waiting for -go and find Santa on the North Pole. You have to find the building where Santa is being captured. Also you need a 5 digit code that will allow you to  enter the building. Go for it!

The clock starts ticking NOW………


Mission: Save Xmas, an escapegame for the holiday season

Total Chaos on the North Pole. The prices of just about everything have skyrocketed. Now the Elves cannot pay for their groceries anymore. Climate change is adding up to the chaos. Dodging potholes on the way to work, the North Pole shrinking day by day – the Elves are done with it!

Time for Action! The Cranky Elf kidnapped Santa and for the sum of a merely 2 million Bitcoins can we get him back. So… do we want a nice and cheerful festive season, or was last year the last time we celebrated Xmas… Is it time to empty our pockets and cough up some bitcoins. Not yet, there is an alternative… the Cranky Elf is offering us a challenge. He is giving us one opportunity to find Santa ourselves. We have an hour to do this. However, if we don’t succeed, we have to pay double.

Are you up for it?

This game sends us on a Mission to Save Christmas. The cranky elf is still on the North Pole, so that is where Santa probably is as well. We will have to solve at least 10 puzzles. Some are easy, others are super challenging. Can we find Santa in time?

What happens in this Xmas game?

Santa has been abducted. You will go on a scavenger hunt where you will have to go from clue to clue to figure out where Santa has been locked up. You will be provided with a number of clues and worksheets. Solve the first puzzle, find out where to go to on the North Pole and then go online to the Mission page and enter the code.  If things went well, you will get the next set of clues. There are 10 puzzles in total and it will take you about an hour to complete this mystery with friends and / or family.

What do you need in order to play this game?

  • A printer and about 20 pieces of paper. You can print this game in B&W and don’t need color ink.
  • You will receive all files immediately after your purchase – which means you can print&play almost immediately
  • You will need scissors, glue, tape – keep in mind there is quite a bit of cutting, glueing and taping involved. You can do this in advance, or divide up the work while playing the game.
  • A tablet, laptop or phone with an internet connection is required. You will have to enter codes on the online mission page.
  • This game can be played in a single room, you don’t need separate rooms. The living room, or a place close to a cosy fireplace will work.
  • Something nice to eat, drink while playing the game

What will you receive when you purchase this game?

  • A PDF with puzzles – print these out to play the game
  • 4 sheets of paper that need to be taped together – this is the Map of the North Pole.
  • A manual with instructions to set-up the game – and all the solutions to the puzzles. So in case you get stuck, the answers are here to help you.

What is the target audience for this escapegame?

Play this game with your family or with friends. The puzzles are doable for kids from 8 or 9 years old but with supervision. Some of the puzzles are quite challenging but as a team you will succeed.

What makes this Christmas game unique?

How exciting to play a game with your family or with friends during the holiday season?  A nice activity to do when you are snowed in during Christmas, when you are enjoying a nice and long Christmas break, as a birthday party, or just before Christmas dinner.


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