Organizing your own superhero party?

Tips for a great superhero party!

It’s super fun of course, a superhero party. The Hulk, Batman, Boy Robin, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, there are enough superheroes to have a fun party with. Children, but also adults, love to play superhero. Immerse yourself in a world with superpowers where anything is possible and you, as a hero, will defeat the villains.

Everything is possible and nothing is necessary, you don’t have to think about school matters or other difficult things – you are unbeatable, superspeed, super-strong and can handle the whole world. It’s time to organize a superhero party. What are you going to do exactly, here you will find some tips for a great children’s party that you can organize at home.

Games to play at your superhero party

A superhero party is perfect for children between the ages of 5 and 8. Below you will find some busy and quiet games that you can play during your party.

As flexible as Spidey

Spiderman has to complete a parcourse. He has to go from one side to the other. It’s not that easy, there are laser beams along the way (red threads that are attached with tape) and these must not be touched.

As strong as Hulk

Who is as strong as the Hulk? The Hulk is a real powerhouse who can lift tanks, airplanes, and boats. You will throw cans and on each can you put an image of a big object. Who can throw the most cans?

As strong as Hulk 2

You will play tug of war. Who is the strongest Hulk of all? Make groups and let the groups play tug of war against each other. Can the children also win from the parents?

As smart as Batman – guessing game

Batman doesn’t have any real superpowers, he has to defeat the villains with his own powers. Luckily, Batman is supersmart. Search the internet for a few villains that belong to superheroes, and hide the cards in the park or nearby. The children now have to try to find the correct villains for the correct superheroes.

As fast as Flash… running game

A parcourse must be completed and the goal is to do this as fast as possible. For example, run 3 rounds around the house, or go to a park and run a parcourse there. Who can complete the parcourse the fastest and is as fast as Flash….

Who knows the most superheroes – guessing game

A quick guessing game for in between. Who knows the most superheroes. For each superhero that is guessed, the child gets a point. Who knows the most superheroes?

Make your own Infinity Stones

Find some nice stones that you can paint and then give them a nice text. The children take the stones home at the end of the party, or they place them outside in places where others can find and take them.

Catch the super villain

Super villain tag. As a superhero, you have to try to tag the villains. Can you catch all the villains as quickly as possible?

Disarming the bomb

The super villains have left bombs everywhere. They are even tied to the legs of the superheroes with a rope. Can we make all the bombs harmless as quickly as possible by kicking them to pieces. Be careful, some bombs contain candy!

Superhero quiz

Consider coming up with various questions that need to be answered, or a variation of Pictionary. If you’re feeling creative, make some memory cards with superheroes and villains.

Kryptonite relay

Superman can’t handle kryptonite. If he touches it, he loses his superpowers. You need to safely bring kryptonite in a relay (aluminum foil balls). Of course, you can’t touch it, so you wear oven gloves and grab the balls with sticks.

Making superhero masks

A superhero party is not complete without making masks. Get creative with pens and markers and color your own mask. Looking for an example of a mask? You can already download one here – download

Race against the clock

As a superhero, you must complete a difficult course and complete a task within a certain time. Think about filling a large pan with dangerous fluid. The clock is ticking, will the superheroes be able to do it on time? Watch a superhero movie. How nice is it if after a few superhero power measurements you can relax by watching a superhero movie.

Tip – don’t play random games, but tie a nice theme to your superhero party. For example, first train your superpowers and then go to battle with the villains. Each successful test earns a stamp or checkmark, and when the superpowers card is full, the children receive a diploma.

In the Adventure Bear Planning Guide for a Superhero Party, you get a ready-made diploma, games card, and explanation of how to organize all activities.

Superhero food

At a superhero party, of course, there’s also superhero food. Make all kinds of small cards with slogans like ‘intelligence juice’, ‘strong muscle powder’, ‘power nuts’, ‘speed water’, etc.

This motivates the children to eat lots of things that enhance their superpowers. For lunch, you can make special pancakes. Add some green food coloring to the pancakes, and you’re eating the Hulk’s food.

Dressing up – dressed as a superhero

You can ask the children to come dressed as their favorite superhero. Put it on the invitation, and see how the children come dressed. Make sure you have some extra stuff for children who forget to dress up. At the party itself, you can also make superhero masks. These are easy to find online. You print them out, color them in, and attach them to the children’s heads with an elastic band. On the internet, you can also buy all kinds of plates, cups, trays, and other items in a superhero theme. If you want to go wild and do everything in theme, then go shopping at Amazon or somewhere else.

A ready-made Superhero Party?

If you don’t want to think about it too much, then get started with a ready-made superhero party. The Big Superhero Party is a script that allows you to organize a children’s party on your own without fuss. You are taken by the hand and guided through the preparation and execution of a fantastic party.

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