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About us

Papa Bear Adventure - activities that you can play at home with friends, family or at a birthday party. The best activities are played at home.

Why Papa Bear Adventure - you can read it here.

The moment we saw the first birthday party coming up for our oldest daughter we knew that we wanted to organize this party ourselves. Not a pre-organized party, no kids playground, bowling alley or to the movies.

Two more kids were born, and before we knew it, we were party planners. It is so much fun to prepare for a kidsparty for your own children - we were having a blast.

Now is the time to share some our best practices and best organized parties with you. We started in the Netherlands and Belgium with a Dutch website, but soon we were receiving interest from abroad. You will find a subset of our birthday parties and escapegames here. Let's start simple, and more will come soon.

A birthday party does not need to be expensive. It's easy to organize it yourself and enjoy a party at your own home. Papa Bear Adventure helps you with easy to use manuals. These manuals include everything you need to prepare for your activities, the groceries you need to buy and how to run your events.

We hope you will have as much fun in organizing kids parties or escape games with friends and family.


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