10 creative and low-cost ideas for a Birthday Party

Looking to organize a birthday party for your child and in need of ideas? Here are 15 creative ideas for a birthday party that are friendly for your budget.

Treasure Hunt

Great for kids up to the age of 6 or 7. A treasure hunt is easy to organize. Come up with a great theme like finding the treasure of Captain Jack, or help the King to find his missing crown. Use strings of wool that you can attach to poles or trees. You can also use printed cards to point the kids in the right direction. Along the way there are a number of challenges that kids need to complete. These can be small puzzles, or challenges like an obstacle course.

Movie Night

When your kids are a bit older and don’t want to dress up like mermaids anymore or go on a treasure hunt, go for a movie night. A movie night is a good way to spend time with friends. Find something good on Netflix or Prime and make sure you have enough food supplies. Popcorn, soda, you name it. You can start out with dinner and then a movie, and what is better than self-made pizza for dinner?

Escape Room Party

Great for young and older kids, but for adults as well. An escape game is an escape room that is played at your own home. You order the escapegame online, print it at home, and then run it at your party. This can be a Papa Bear Adventure like Mission Save Xmas for example. The goals of the escape game is typically that you need to solve a mystery, find the bad guy, or escape from of a virtual environment.

Murder Mystery

Related to an escapegame is a murder mystery. Everyone who is invited to your party receives a personal invitation with instructions on how to dress-up and what role to take on during the play. At the night of the party you have to find out who conducted the murder and why. Great to play with teenagers.

Crazy 88

Crazy 88 is a great birthday party for teenagers. Divide the group into 2 or 3 teams and every team receives 88 crazy assignments that they need to complete. They have to take a photo or shoot a movie of every completed assignment. Every assignment delivers points and the group with most points wins. Think about assignments like – change clothes with someone else in your group, take a picture together with the mayor, become a statue, help a hairdresser, etc.

Organize a theme party

Organize a theme party for your kids. What about an adventure with knights, a superhero party, or mermaid party. For children of the age 4 or 5 this is the best thing to do. Make sure you dress things up a bit with nice props, and come up with creative ideas for activities. Nothing too dramatic – simple things work best.

Cooking Party

Bake a cake, or cook things for a nice picnic together. Start by coloring an apron or chefs hat and then get busy cooking nice things. This is a great party for kids between 5 and 8 years old. What about preparing your own pizza. The dough is most difficult, so you can buy pre-made dough. Alternatives are baking and decorating cupcakes or smoothies.

Campout in your backyard

Put up tents in your backyard / garden bring mattresses and sleeping bags and go for a wild night of camping. Make a fire and roast marshmallows. Sing a few songs at the campfire, or tell a scary or adventurous story before it’s time to go to bed.

Go swimming

If the birthday party is in the summer, you can go swimming at a local lake or at a river. Bring a few balls and other attributes that can be used in the water and have a lot of fun. Bring a nice lunch to the waterfront and enjoy a great day outside


Geocaching is a synonym for treasure hunting. There are tons of geocaches all over the place, and probably close to your house as well. Use your phone, download the app, and start looking for treasures. There are special trails for kids, and therefore great as a birthday party. You can read more about geocaching here.

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