100 ideas for an 8 year old’s birthday party

Make your child’s 8th birthday a memorable celebration with a fun-filled party that will keep them and their friends entertained for hours! From outdoor activities like picnics and nature hikes to indoor adventures like arcade games and cooking classes, here is a wide range of options to choose from. We’ve come up with 100 ideas for a great birthday party.

  1. Bounce house party
  2. Pool party
  3. Sleepover party
  4. Cooking or baking party
  5. Craft party
  6. Lego building party
  7. Outdoor movie night
  8. Scavenger hunt
  9. Arcade or video game party
  10. Sports tournament
  11. Roller skating or ice skating party
  12. Nature walk or hike
  13. Talent show
  14. Beach or water park party
  15. Magic show or balloon artist
  16. Karaoke or dance party
  17. Art or painting party
  18. Mini-golf party
  19. Pool noodle or bubble wrap fight
  20. PiƱata party
  21. Obstacle course
  22. Make-your-own-pizza or sundae party
  23. Science experiments party
  24. Board game or card game party
  25. Virtual reality party
  26. Treasure hunt
  27. Carnival or fair-themed party
  28. Obstacle course race
  29. Carnival games or carnival booth party
  30. Go-kart racing
  31. Trampoline park party
  32. Escape room party
  33. Bumper car party
  34. Laser tag party
  35. Adventure park or ropes course
  36. Balloon animal or face painting party
  37. Movie night with friends
  38. Craft or DIY project party
  39. Sports or fitness class party
  40. Treasure or pirate-themed party
  41. Storytelling or puppet show party
  42. Nature scavenger hunt
  43. Petting zoo or farm visit
  44. Cooking or baking competition with friends
  45. Virtual tour or museum visit
  46. Zipline or aerial adventure party
  47. Animal or wildlife park visit
  48. Indoor rock climbing or wall climbing party
  49. Farm-to-table or gardening party
  50. Horseback riding or pony ride party
  51. Chocolate or candy-making party
  52. Magic or illusion workshop
  53. Pottery or clay-making party
  54. Music or instrument-making party
  55. Cooking or baking challenge with friends
  56. Museum or art exhibit visit
  57. Wine or cider-tasting party
  58. Cultural food or cooking party
  59. Dance or fitness class party
  60. Karaoke competition with friends
  61. Art or craft exhibit visit
  62. Water balloon or squirt gun fight
  63. Paintball or airsoft party
  64. Outdoor laser tag or paintball party
  65. Photography or videography workshop
  66. Board or card game tournament
  67. Movie or TV show marathon with friends
  68. DIY jewelry or accessory-making party
  69. Eco or sustainability-themed party
  70. Nature or survival skills workshop
  71. Wildlife or animal observation party
  72. Life-sized board game or puzzle party
  73. Magic or card trick tutorial
  74. Haunted house or ghost tour
  75. Tasting or cooking class with friends
  76. Space or astronomy-themed party
  77. Geocaching or GPS scavenger hunt
  78. Archaeology or dinosaur-themed party
  79. Time travel or historical-themed party
  80. Nature or wilderness survival skills workshop
  81. Zany or wacky science experiments party
  82. Superhero or superhero training party
  83. Ninja or warrior-themed party
  84. Cowboy or western-themed party
  85. Knight or castle-themed party
  86. Nautical or pirate-themed party
  87. Dance or movement workshop
  88. Magic or illusion show with friends
  89. Fire or police museum visit
  90. Survival or disaster preparedness party
  91. Crazy 88 party
  92. Rock-climbing or bouldering gym
  93. Ice-skating or ice-hockey lesson
  94. Archery or laser tag lesson
  95. Pottery or ceramics class
  96. Glass-blowing or metal-working studio tour
  97. Photography or videography lesson
  98. Lace or leather working class
  99. Quilting or embroidery class
  100. Soap or candle making class

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