Calling all Superheroes!

It's time for a Superhero Party!  Let's test our superpowers and engage with the villains. Are you as strong as Hulk, as fast as Flash, or as smart as Batman?

Escapegame for friends and family

Play an escapegame with your friends or family. Enjoy solving a mystery by working actively together. There is no better way to spend time with the ones you love.

An Adventure that grabs your attention

The best birthday parties are played at home. Download one of the Papa Bear Adventure guides and start planning your own amazing themed birthday party!

What you will experience

Print&Play Escapegame


Buy it, Download it, Play it. You will receive all files in your inbox that you need in order to play this game. The only thing you need is a printer, some paper, scissors and glue and a device with an internet connection

Themed Birthday Parties

themed birthday party

Themed birthday parties - every party guide contains detailed planning guides, instructions for running activities, shopping lists, recipes for food at your party, invitations, a diploma and other printables.

Guided Experience

Papa Bear Adventure escapegames and birthday party planning guides include step by step instructions on how to run an escapegame or how to prepare for and deliver a great birthday party

Print & Play

Please note that all of our products are digital. The files are made available to you immediately after purchase and are designed for both Digital Use & Print. No products will be physically shipped.

Answer Sheet included

If you get lost while playing an escapegame and don't know what to do - no worries, the answers are included. Just follow the instructions in the manual and get back on track.

A Unique Experience

Your children's birthday parties will never be the same anymore. With our detailed manuals you will deliver a party like a pro.